Mobile Cargo/vehicles Inspection SystemImaging Inspection System

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BGV7100 mobile cargo/vehicle inspection system equips an electronic linear accelerator(linac) and a new solid detector, which uses multi-energy X-ray and advanced material discrimination algorithms to achieve the perspective scanning and imaging of containers and trucks, and the identification of contraband goods. The whole system is made up of truck’s chassis, main part scanning system, operation cabin, radiation protection facility and the dynamotor, it can move without any other traction vehicle, and could be operated on the vehicular cargo vehicles or by Remote. It is quick response and mobile deployment, and is suitable for the imaging inspection of cargo vehicles in customs, ports, public security organizations, and various types of passes. 


l   Main feature

◎ High efficiency, up to 150 vehicles per hour in the quick-pass mode, and no less than 25 40 feet container vehicles per hour in the vehicular scanning mode;

◎ Advanced material discrimination function;

◎ Flexible and strongly adaptable to the environment;

◎ Advanced algorithm for intelligent inspection and image analysis.

l   Main technical parameters

◎   Radiation source: linac;

◎ Energy: 6/4MeV alternate dual energy;

◎   Steel penetration: 300-350mm;

◎   Steel wire detectability: φ1.2mm in the air;

◎   Penetrating wire detection: φ3mm behind 100 mm steel plate;

◎   Contrast sensitivity: 200mm×200mm×1mm steel plates behind 100mm (thick) steel plates;

◎   Scanning mode: the scanned vehicle does not move and the scanning device moves; or the scanning device does not move, and the scanned vehicle drive through;

◎   Scanning speed: Active mode 0.4m/s, pass through mode 7km/h;

◎   System boundary dose rate: ≦2.5μSv/h.

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